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The aims of the Digital Divide working group are to contribute to theoretical understanding of inequality in access to information and media in the new digital environment; to trace the development of new media through the concept of digital divide; to identify gaps and inconsistencies in the digital media world, their origins and development; to specify problems for media and communication systems brought about by ICT progress in local, national and global environments; to promote better communication between researchers from different countries and continents; to support innovative research in the field; and support young researchers.

Our working group strives to provide a forum for scholars researching various aspects of digital inequality. Those aspects include but are not limited to the issues of the technological means of access to the ICTs, the possession of the necessary skills and competences for using technical affordances, pros and contras of public policies aimed at overcoming digital gap in different countries, and much more.

The Digital Divide working group welcomes new theoretical approaches and empirical findings resulted from the research of digital inequality as a multi-dimensional phenomenon influencing various aspects of social life. In this respect we are also interested in stimulating fruitful discussions about co-relation of such factors as age, gender, income, education, location and technical skills to use ICTs, as well as the co-relation of media literacy and social inclusion in the modern society.


The governing Council of the group is an elected body which renews its staff every four years. Currently it includes:


 Olga Smirnova 


Dr. Olga Smirnova is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Mid-Career Programs, Director of Centre for Gender and Media Studies. Her academic interests include Internet and new media, digital divide and mass media, gender studies in mass media. Dr. Smirnova also holds the position of the Head of the Department of Periodical Press at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University. She is an editor of 4 research collected papers, author of more than 40 articles and book chapters. Research interests of Dr. Smirnova include journalism skills, digital divide and mass media, gender studies in mass media. 

Anna Gladkova


Dr. Anna Gladkova - Director of the Office of International Affairs and Senior Researcher at the Chair of Media Theory and Economics, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Dr. Gladkova also holds the positions of Executive Director in the National Association of Russian Mass Media Researchers and Executive Editor of the academic journal 'World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies'. Her research on the Dutch media, cultural and ethnic studies, minorities' issues has been published in both Russian and international journals, including Journal of Multicultural Discourses, Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, Medi@lmanah, World of Media, Psychology in Russia: State of the Art and others. 

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